Mermaid life

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A mermaid life is something my dreams are made of…

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Sitting by the sun…

Singing by the moon…


Combing and braiding your hair

Wearing circlets

And sea shells

Humming songs while you swim…

Starfishes in your hair…

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Playing with dolphins, seals and seahorses…

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Collecting treasures, shells, pearls…

Underwater dancing…

Racing with other mermaids…

Exploring underwater caves…

Can there really be a better life…?

Enchanted Link Love 12

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Watching Tsubasa Chronicles again… KuroFai forever❤

I so want to try black lipstick

Pancakes and cookies with sprinkles and glitter, what I think a unicorn would eat by Vegan Beauty Review

Disco ball drink! I want one!

Ethereal runway models holding a parasol with hanging tulle…??? Be still my heart…❤

Mimosa ice cubes? Wow!

Wearing an astronaut costume and making even the most mundane things exciting, a lesson from kids (photo series) by Diana (<3) of exPress-o

10+ galaxy sweets that are out of this world by Bored Banda. Swooning!

Miniature 1900’s photo studio by Steampunk Tendencies

Favorite word of Now

Yume (Japanese) or in English



Favorite song of now

Iron – Within Temptation

Clow Cards Oracle Deck

One Oracle Deck I highly recommend is the Clow Card Deck.

Inspired by the popular manga and anime Cardcaptor Sakura, which if you haven’t already watched, you ‘ll love if you are into fantasy and magic, these cards are my oracle deck of choice these days.

The cards are inspired by elements, (such as The Windy, The Storm, The Mist, The Wood), fighting, (the Arrow, The Shield, The Power, The Fly) and several other magical elements (The Dream, The Mirror, The Maze, The Time, The Illusion)

I do not use a particular tarot spread, instead I let the cards call me, and I use my knowledge of the cards and this really handy Clow Card Fortune Book for guidance.

A peek of the gorgeous Clow Cards:)




The Book of the Cards


Amy Brown’s wonderful Fairy and Fantasy Art

Amy Brown is my favorite and most wonderful fantasy artist. Her gorgeous fairy, mermaid, dragon (and more!) art is as beautiful and enchanting as it is unique, and everytime I see a new painting I fall in love with her art all over again!

So, enough gushing, and on with the pictures!❤

















Don’t forget to visit her Etsy store and official website for more!

Show her some fairy love!❤

New Moon in Taurus

Since this New Moon is in Taurus it is especially meaningful to do a grounding meditation, as Taurus is a zodiac sign of the earth.

This is my favorite grounding meditation

I also found this new moon manifesting tarot spread to try

Make sure you have a lot of candles

I like ones like this

White Magick Alchemy - Witches Apple Pillar Candle . Granny Smith Apple, Fertility, Wisdom, Tree of Knowledge, Money Drawing Spell, $12.95 (

Since it’s a great time to manifest wishes, you can write them down onto Bay Leaves and burn them in the light of the New Moon

Tip: Bay Leaves for Wishes and a history of the herb #wicca #herbs:


A New Moon Mantra


Have a blissful New Moon!❤

Enchanted Link Love 11


“Ruby Slippers” one of the best episodes of Once Upon A Time!❤

Miranda Castle. I have a fascination with castles. This one gives me goosebumps!

Six ways to style flower crowns by A Beautiful Mess. Adored this and Rebecca Stice’s amazing teal hair!❤

Absolutely love this makeup look by Linda Hallberg

The cutest sandcastle EVER!

Spell Building 101 by Witchy Words

Girls Spa Night by Design Love Fest

Unicorn Food by Sprinkle Bakes

All Sabbat Related Articles by Witchy Words

Pluto Retrograde Tarot Spread by Sam Roberts

About Himalayan Salt Lamps by Hibiscus Moon

It’s a cookie and a cup? I ‘m sold! by Sprinkles for Breakfast

Mahafsoun is a Gothic Goddess

Favorite Quote of Now


Favorite Video of Now

Symphonic Metal in Spanish. Wow!

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