About Sharon den Adel

Anyone who has heard the melodic voice of this mezzo soprano isn’t likely to forget her, or her band’s Within Temptation incredible music. Also anyone who has come across her beautiful sense of style. Ethereal, gothic and most of all unique, her style is amazing.

This is a tribute to one of my favorite symphonic metal singers❤

Enjoy the video and her photos😉



Sharon den Adel Within Temptation

Sharon den Adel Within Temptation




Mermaid life

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A mermaid life is something my dreams are made of…

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Sitting by the sun…

Singing by the moon…


Combing and braiding your hair

Wearing circlets

And sea shells

Humming songs while you swim…

Starfishes in your hair…

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Playing with dolphins, seals and seahorses…

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Collecting treasures, shells, pearls…

Underwater dancing…

Racing with other mermaids…

Exploring underwater caves…

Can there really be a better life…?

Enchanted Link Love 12

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Watching Tsubasa Chronicles again… KuroFai forever❤

I so want to try black lipstick

Pancakes and cookies with sprinkles and glitter, what I think a unicorn would eat by Vegan Beauty Review

Disco ball drink! I want one!

Ethereal runway models holding a parasol with hanging tulle…??? Be still my heart…❤

Mimosa ice cubes? Wow!

Wearing an astronaut costume and making even the most mundane things exciting, a lesson from kids (photo series) by Diana (<3) of exPress-o

10+ galaxy sweets that are out of this world by Bored Banda. Swooning!

Miniature 1900’s photo studio by Steampunk Tendencies

Favorite word of Now

Yume (Japanese) or in English



Favorite song of now

Iron – Within Temptation