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This is a collection of the recipe roundups I ‘ve posted so far :)

Looking back I realized they are mostly desserts, and I am inspired by some forgotten recipes to get cookin’!

Especially some of those funfetti and caramel recipes mmm :)


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In Neverland…

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To visit Neverland you need the most magical thing of all.

Fairy Dust!

Sprinkle a little on yourself and think happy thoughts!

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There you go!

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So our destination…

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And we landed. But who are those lurking in the shadows of the trees? My, they must be the Lost Boys! And Peter Pan! What a wonderful meeting! We shall play and tell stories!

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And then… guess what!

We’re going to see the mermaids at the Mermaid Lagoon!

Are you as excited as I am?

Oh there they are! Swimming, sitting on rocks, combing their hair, chattering and laughing!


But be careful, they like to play pranks on people. They do love a laugh!

After frolicking in the lagoon  we are going to see the fairies…

But tread lightly! We are just going to have a peek at their fairy ball, we don’t want to disturb them!


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And then with the help of a map we are going to see the Jolly Rodger…

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And maybe catch a glimpse of Captain Hook!

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Oh my, he’s more handsome than I thought he ‘d be!

And now friends the moment we ‘ve been waiting for…

We’ll be meeting the Indians!

Their most beautiful skin color, clothes, customs and language are  so wonderful they will make the last part of our visit the most amazing!

Get ready to sing, dance and mingle!

Enjoy it to the last moment because when the dawn will creep up,

we will have to sprinkle fairy dust on us again,

and fly back to our beds…

We will wonder the next day if it was just a dream…

But then we will find under our beds a pipe and a small bag of fairy dust…

Waiting for us to use them to go back…

To Neverland!

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Enchanted Link Love 7

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Ever though of using pop culture pantheons on your practice? Molly can show you why and how

Watch : sweet little goat snuggles his caretaker!

flying wish paper, magical!

Untranslatable love words by Express-o

Sword sharpening friends by Amber Bonnici. We all need that kind of friends in our lives!

The 3 letter word that cuts women down everyday. Great read

If James Bond tried to hit on a feminist Hilariously awesome!

Deep Sea Manicure by Vegan Beauty Review

Favorite Quote of Now


Favorite video of now

Photograph by Ed Sheeran. I adore this song, such beautiful feelings when I listen to it!

About Tango

Do you like tango?

I do :). I adore tango, the moves are breathtaking, the women’s parts are amazing, and this fast moved, elegant and sexy dance ranks at my top 5 favorite dances :)

So what do you need to learn this wonderful dance?

A partner obviously, and teachers.

Also, this guide on what to wear, inspired by Eva, from the movie StreeDance 2 :)



Some photo inspiration and a great video for your viewing pleasure
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Gypsy Life

Like tumbleweeds they travel

to whatever place catches their fancy




They wear beautiful clothes and jewelry

to make their lives more magical






The playful tunes they play with their guitars


and their dances around the bonfires


are ways to express their wild hearts.


They will tell you your future, either with cards, your hands, or their orbs.



As for them their future shows travelling and many adventures!


Their wanderlust is only paralleled with their fierce will to trully live.