Follow your heart (short story)


She ran as fast as she could towards him. She could see him leaning at one of the pillars looking at the sunset. Breathless as she was and tired she couldn’t help but marvel at his godly beauty.

“I thought you wouldn’t come” he said without looking at her.

“Of course I came. I just had to give the others the slip. We don’t want anyone finding out about our secret place do we?” she smiled

He smiled too. He turned to look at her and she cought her breath. His hazel eyes were sparkling from the setting sun and his gorgeous face and figure was bathed in a warm light.

Apollo stepped down to her and embraced her. His strong arms held her so tight she new something was wrong. Oh gods please don’t let this be a goodbye!

“Nefeli” he said as he looked down at her. “Do you love me?”

“With all my heart Apollo. You know that.” Nefeli answered. “What’s wrong?”

He looked at her with love in his eyes and smiled.

“I want you to come with me. To a place where we can be together. Away from your family and the people who think a god and a mortal can’t be together. To the place where the Nine Muses live. They have agreed to let you live with them. Terpsichore was especially interested when I told her that you are a wonderful dancer and your father doesn’t allow you to dance. She wants you to be able to express yourself. And so do I. And I want us to be together…” His eyes grew more serious now. “But I can not and will not force you to choose me over your family and kingdom. It has to be your choice.” He sighed and fell silent looking at her, trying to read her eyes.

She was quiet for a minute then said. “I will always follow my heart and my passions. If I can really be with you, and be able to dance to my heart’s delight then I ask for nothing more.” she smiled as she looked at him. “All my family and kingdom has done is opress me. I do not want that. I want to be free. I would love to go live with the muses. It would be an honor… And my heart belongs to you, so I choose you” She pressed her hands on his chest.

Apollo’s face was lit with a radiant smile that made her heart melt. “Then shall we go my lady? Are you ready?”

“Ready for what? Nefeli said.

Still smiling Apollo scooped her up in his arms in one swift move and flew up to the sky.

“Welcome to your new life, my love…” he said and Nefeli with her breath caught in surprise and delight, laughed and laughed holding him tight, as they soared through the clouds…


By Roselie Isabelle May

Naiad life

Naiads are water spirits that live in ponds and lakes and fountains



It seems so wonderful to have that little water paradise all by yourself and swim by the water lillies…

large (32)

I always feel that the still water covered by those beautiful flowers hides many secrets…


The allure to me is almost as big as the that of the sea..



Not only Valentine’s day is for love: Couples in Winter

There’s something so magical about winter, that makes you want to cuddle, and hold hands with your special someone while watching the snow fall, either outside warmed up in layers, playing with the snow, or inside, watching it dance around from a window, all cozied up in blankets with cup of tea or coffee and your sweetheart to keep you warm.



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Dryad Life

How do you recognize a true dryad spirit woman?

Usually they have green hair. Sometimes brown too.

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They love nature and flowers, and you ‘ll often find them wearing flower crowns when frolicking in the woods


Most have a favorite tree companion.

My tree companion has always been willow.

There’s something so magical about it, and it’s hanging leaves are like hiding a secret world…


Dancing in the forests, sitting by a trunk and meditating, reading perched on a branch…

All those things Dryads love…

Along with the peace and quiet of the forests…

Another way to channel your inner Dryad is to listen to forest music,

and use this dressing inspiration.

dryad life


Have a nice day at a forest Dryad loves!